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Our mission is to help you achieve your goals for healthier meals and snacks in your home and at work.

We shall simplify your lifestyle by providing you high quality meat and groceries through online shopping.

We shall deliver healthy juices snacks and meals to your work place.

We care about your health.
We care about the quality of our products.
We care about the efficiency of our service.

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We care about the environment.
We shall promote use of recyclable packaging material as much as is practically possible.

  • P.O. BOX 41398

Central Business District Mombasa

We shall deliver your shopping to most areas of Mombasa, Ukunda/Diani, Kilifi and upto Malindi town. This is charged a delivery fee. (See under How to Shop).

We shall deliver lunches within the Central Business District of Mombasa only. There is no delivery charge.

The plate above illustrates what constitutes a healthy diet for optimum health.
  • One third of our daily diet should be sourced from fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • The second third should be sourced from cereals such as breads, rice and starches such as potatoes and arrow roots.
  • The last third should be distributed between-1.  meat, fish, poultry, legumes.                                                                                               2.  milk and dairy products.                                                                                                      3.  foods containing fats and sugars.      
Let us make the right food choices for better health!

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